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Greywater Recycling

Greywater is water that has been used in wash basins, baths or showers.  This type of waste water can be easily treated and returned to flush the toilet and water gardens.  On average a quarter of the water in the home is used in showers and 22% used in toilet flushing so this can add up to significant water saving.  Waste water from more contaminated sources such as washing machines or kitchen sinks are not generally used but all systems which store greywater need to incorporate some kind of treatment, as untreated greywater deteriorates rapidly in storage.

The Environment Agency has useful information on greywater use in the home. 

You don't need to install a water treatment unit to reuse this water if you use it straight away and can simply reuse the water you used to clean vegetables to water your vegetable patch or use a hand siphon pump to reuse bath water.

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