Recycling Game

The game is designed to promote an understanding of recycling in a fun and interactive way. We believe that educating our young residents to recycle will help towards cutting down on the waste that is sent to landfill.

Ric (Recycling Is Cool) robot takes the player through the recycling process. Correctly recycled rubbish earns the player points, whilst rubbish placed in the wrong recycling bins ends up in the landfill. The items are randomly generated each time the game is played and the time limit (30s) on the game encourages players to make quick decisions about where the items should be placed. At the end of the game, if the recycling was deposited into landfill, the player has the option to find out which items went into the wrong recycling bins.

The game has been designed specifically for recycling in the Three Rivers District Council area, so children playing outside of this area may find that their Councils are unable to recycle some items at the moment.

Fun Facts

When the red button is pressed environmental facts are randomly generated to keep children interested and amused.

More info

Contains links to various websites offering information related to the environment. All links were carefully selected by Three Rivers District Council. The identified sites may be useful research tool for homework with focus on the environment and climate change related issues.


Each child or school can send an email to with information about environmental projects they are working on at home or at school. They can also post information on environmental and climate change issues they have found interesting from any other source (e.g. books, journals, web pages, school lessons etc.). These will be checked by Three Rivers District Council before publishing them on the 'More info' or 'Chatter' web pages.

The Chatter pages can also be used for the request for information, ideas exchange (e.g. competition, games design etc.) and as a meeting place. These facilities are yet to be developed.

Email addresses will not be passed on to any third parties and will be kept strictly confidential.