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Welcome to Green Our Herts

Our climate is changing but we can have a big effect by making small improvements which can also help us to save money and improve our lives. This site aims to make it easier by bringing together information on how we could reduce our impact on the environment and adapt to our changing climate.

Home Insulation

Insulating your home is one of most effective ways to reduce your energy consumption, which will help you save money on your bills and help the environment.  A well-insulated home is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, so you’ll be more comfortable all year round.

There are a range of ways you can insulate your home, from smaller DIY improvements such as addressing draughty windows, to larger jobs like external wall insulation that will require professional help.

Green Our Herts have produced a technical guide to help residents understand all the areas of their home that can be insulated and what to consider when planning insulation works.

How Green is Your Home?

Almost anything we do has some kind of an impact on the environment. Unfortunately most of our actions have harsher effects than we realise.

In order to lessen these effects we have researched many subjects (e.g. transport, energy and outdoor recreation) related to everyday life. From this research we have compiled the most relevant and interesting information and presented it all under one roof. To make the browsing of our website even easier we have designed an interactive house summarising the main points.

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How green is your home? Explore our interactive house for money saving tips and suggestions.
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Did You Know?

Rice paddies emit more methane during the wet season than they do in the dry season.
A treadmill uses as much power as a kettle.
If present levels of consumption continue, 66% of the world population will inhabit "areas of water stress" by 2025.

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