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Our climate is changing but we can have a big effect by making small improvements which can also help us to save money and improve our lives. This site aims to make it easier by bringing together information on how we could reduce our impact on the environment and adapt to our changing climate.

Energy Vampires

It’s not only at Halloween that there are vampires lurking in homes across Hertfordshire. Energy Vampires are household appliances that are slowly sucking energy from your home when you are not using them, because they are left plugged in or on standby.

A TV left on standby uses on average 1.4 watts of electricity.  This may not sound like much but add to it 2.2 watts for a microwave, 3 watts for a DVD player and 3.8 watts for a laptop plus other appliances left on and this can add up over a year to about 5% of the total electricity being used in your home.

This costs the average household an extra £50 to £80 on their energy bills each year according to the Energy Saving Trust.

The simple rule is that anything with a clock or light on when not in use or that gets warm to the touch such as a phone charger plug will still be using energy and costing you money. 

Slay your Energy Vampires - unplug or turn devices off at the wall socket when not in use.

As well as cutting vampire energy, there are lots of ways to save energy and money in the home. See our energy pages in the Resources section for more tips and take our turn off challenge.

Please note that our Energy Vampire prize draw has now closed.  Winners will be notified shortly and sent their countdown timer plugs.

How Green is Your Home?

Almost anything we do has some kind of an impact on the environment. Unfortunately most of our actions have harsher effects than we realise.

In order to lessen these effects we have researched many subjects (e.g. transport, energy and outdoor recreation) related to everyday life. From this research we have compiled the most relevant and interesting information and presented it all under one roof. To make the browsing of our website even easier we have designed an interactive house summarising the main points.

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How green is your home? Explore our interactive house for money saving tips and suggestions.
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Did You Know?

The Climate Change Act aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through domestic and international action to 26-32% below 1990 levels by 2020, and at least 60% by 2050.
Electricity wasted from mobile phones left on standby is enough to power 33,000 homes for a year.
If one million cars stayed parked for just one day, 20,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions would be eliminated.

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