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Our climate is changing but we can have a big effect by making small improvements which can also help us to save money and improve our lives. This site aims to make it easier by bringing together information on how we could reduce our impact on the environment and adapt to our changing climate.

Keeping Cool

As our climate changes it is expected that we will have hotter and drier summers.  This may be great news for many of us but we can also expect more extremes of weather and heatwaves can have a negative impact on the health of the very young, old or those with long term medical conditions. Over time if we don’t adapt then our homes will heat up.  

There are many ways to keep our homes cooler.  You may have noticed on holiday in a warmer country that many of the houses are painted white and have external shutters or blinds, these all help to keep homes cooler. Insulating your home not only keeps it warm in the winter but can also keep it cool in the summer. 

Some ideas for keeping your home cool when the weather warms up include:  


Early morning air is usually cooler so let the heat that has built up overnight out first thing in the morning.

Close your windows when the outside temperature is greater than the inside temperature (usually by about 10am on a hot day) this traps the cooler air inside and keep the heat out.

Draw your curtains during daytime hours on hot and sunny days – especially on the sunny side of the house.  

Low cost:

Shade your windows with solar reflective blinds, external awnings or external shutters.

Insulate your loft or cavity walls  

Modifications you may make over time:

Paint your external walls a light colour

Externally insulate solid walls 

Coat your roof tiles or walls with solar reflective paint

Replace your windows with low e (emissivity) triple glazing  

Herts Healthy Homes is a free information and support service that helps you to stay healthy and safe in your home all year round. Home visits in the summer remind people of the need for good ventilation, plenty to drink and healthy eating, preventing ill health and falls due to dehydration. If you, or someone you know, needs help or support to stay healthy and well at home call HertsHelp on 0300 123 4044and quote HOME1. (calls cost no more than a national rate call to 01 or 02 number) Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm.  

How Green is Your Home?

Almost anything we do has some kind of an impact on the environment. Unfortunately most of our actions have harsher effects than we realise.

In order to lessen these effects we have researched many subjects (e.g. transport, energy and outdoor recreation) related to everyday life. From this research we have compiled the most relevant and interesting information and presented it all under one roof. To make the browsing of our website even easier we have designed an interactive house summarising the main points.

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Did You Know?

More than half of the UK's counties do not have wind turbines - including Derbyshire, Surrey, Warwickshire, West Midlands, West Sussex and Wiltshire.
The Grasslands cover one-fifth of the land on Earth.
Water consumption is assumed to be an average per use of 50 litres for new washing machines (2007).

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