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Welcome to Green Our Herts

Our climate is changing but we can have a big effect by making small improvements which can also help us to save money and improve our lives. This site aims to make it easier by bringing together information on how we could reduce our impact on the environment and adapt to our changing climate.

Green your garden competition

As part of the Green Your Garden campaign, we are offering 5 lucky winners a £20 Garden Centre Voucher.

There are so many things you can do in your garden to help the environment - we want your top tips! Do you know a great way to conserve water in the garden? Or the best way to speed up composting? How about encouraging hedgehogs?

To be in with a chance to win, post your eco –friendly gardening top tip on our Facebook wall or tweet us @GOH, making sure you include #GreenYourGarden. Feel free to include a photo to illustrate your tip.

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Visit our Gardens pages to find out more about how to green your garden or download the booklet.  Green your garden.

How Green is Your Home?

Almost anything we do has some kind of an impact on the environment. Unfortunately most of our actions have harsher effects than we realise.

In order to lessen these effects we have researched many subjects (e.g. transport, energy and outdoor recreation) related to everyday life. From this research we have compiled the most relevant and interesting information and presented it all under one roof. To make the browsing of our website even easier we have designed an interactive house summarising the main points.

Click here to explore the greener way of living.


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How green is your home? Explore our interactive house for money saving tips and suggestions.
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Did You Know?

We use on average: bath - 80 litres; cup or glass - 0.25 litre; shower -35 litres; washing up bowl - 6 litres; cleaning teeth - 2 litres; dishwasher - 55 litres; flushing toilet - 9.5 litres; washing machine - 120 litres; cooking pan - 1 litre; garden ho
1 recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours.
An experiment has shown that passengers taking a plane from Heathrow register the same levels of cardio stress as parachutists jumping from aircraft.

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